6 frequently asked questions before buying a rice cooker

If you want to get a rice cooker but don’t know which one is perfect for you, then you should read these 10 questions people would like to ask before buying a rice cooker.

1. How does rice cooker work?

Although there are many different rice cookers on the market, but they all work by following the same principle. Every rice cooker has an inner pot and a heated plate which is used to heat the inner pot. When the temperature starts to raise the rice cooker begin working, the water in the inner bowl starts to boil and cook the rice, at the same time the water evaporates and the rice absorb the water, once all of the water is absorbed by rice completely and the temperature of inner pot have reached at a certain point and been detected by the thermal element, then the best rice cooker switches to keep warm without over cooking and burning it, your meal is ready.

2. Should I buy a rice cooker?

Well, if you cook and eat rice frequently, then you should buy a rice cooker, it will simply the process of cooking and save you much time, all you need to do is preparing the rice and water, then turn on the rice cooker, it will cook automatically for you.

3. How long does it take to get rice cooked?

It depends on what kind of rice you want to cook, for white rice it only take about half an hour to get cooked, for brown rice it may take about one hour, the cooking time of different grains vary from each other.

If you are busy with your full time job and like eating rice, then the rice cooker is a must have appliance in your kitchen.

4. Are rice cookers cheap?

Not all rice cookers are cheap, most of the conventional rice cookers are sold between $10 to $60, they are affordable, but some programmable rice cookers designed to do multiple works and provide perfect cooking results are expensive, they are sold from $200 to $500.

5. Is it easy to learn how to cook rice with a rice cooker?

The answer is absolutely yes, you just need to put the rice and the water of fixed ratio in the pot, and turn on the rice cooker, it will take care the rest job.

6. What size is suitable for me?

I have written a buying guide of selecting the best rice cooker, you can read this article to get more information about the size of rice cookers.